Cheap Flights and Your Rights

Good places to book flights and other travel resources



Comparison site that allows you to accurately filter your searches including the fees incurred by adding baggage and what payment method you use.


Secret Flying

A straightforward site that you don’t need to sign up to and if you don’t mind exactly when you travel can find you good deals.



Probably the most well know comparison site that looks at flights, hotels and car hire. It also gives you an idea of the best time to book and you can set price alerts for specific flights.

Your Air Passenger Rights


Its worth noting that all flights are treated individually so even if you book a return and pay for both at the same time. Each point to point journey is treated the same.

  • If your flight was in the EU. (i.e one EU country to another operated by any airline)

  • If your flight lands in the EU from outside it. (operated by an EU airline)

  • If your flight takes off from an EU country (operated by any airline)

  • If you haven’t already received benefits or assistance for problems already incurred on the flight (from a non EU country.


    EU Wide Complaints Form (to be sent to the airline)

8 Ways To Prepare For Your First Long Haul Flight

Non-EU Rights

Almost all airlines follow precedents recommended by the International Air Transport Association so offer some kind of re-booking, refund or alternative transport as a matter of course if a flight is delayed or canceled but it’s still worth checking the ‘sky laws’ (not a proper term) of the countries you fly from as they may offer other rights or protection.


Go Straight To The Airline

  • ‘meh’ but it might be worth a try.

The Montreal Convention

  • This convention wont help if you flight has been canceled but it can help you recover losses made from delays or from lost/damages luggage.