Just Some 1 Star Reviews From The Edinburgh Fringe

You need a thick skin to be an Edinburgh Fringe performer. Not every show will be busy and not all reviews good, some are actually very not good. So I wanted to take a minute to appreciate one of the festivals most under-rated performers. The Reviewers. 

Here are some 1 Star (or equivalent) reviews. 

Broadway Baby - Matthew Sedman (Reviewer): Tinder Rehab

  "A triple threat of lacking humour, prehistoric viewpoints and a general bore to the content set this production apart from the rest." FULL REVIEW

The Scotsman - Rory Ford(Reviewer): F*ckboys for Freedom

"this is about as funny as a burning orphanage." FULL REVIEW

 Broadway Baby - Miles Hurley(Reviewer)Cashmere

"Narrative direction is hard to achieve but is essential to a good musical. Most of the problems with this show can be attributed to a lack of it... Add this to a lack of comprehensible lyrics and you’re stuck with a far cry from anything coherent or cohesive." FULL REVIEW

The Scotsman - Rory Ford (Reviewer): Burnt Toast

"Being forced to eat an entire loaf of charred bread may be preferable to enduring this excruciating new play" FULL REVIEW

The List - David Kettle (Reviewer): Transmission

"What a waste. And worse, what an utterly bewildering waste." FULL REVIEW

The Scotsman - Rory Ford (Reviewer): Death High

"it’s a tortuous, seemingly endless, gaze into a witless abyss that’ll have you inwardly longing for the sweet, sweet, merciful embrace of death long before the end". FULL REVIEW

The List - David Kettle (Reviewer): AnimAlphabet the Musical

"Self-aggrandising tosh" FULL REVIEW

Broadway Baby -  Disa Andersen (Reviewer): We Are All Going to Die

"The whole piece seems to lack the basic understanding of what makes interesting theatre" FULL REVIEW


The List - Murray Robertson (Reviewer): Mark Silcox: I Can Cure

"Infuriating and pointless exercise full of awkwardness and silence" FULL REVIEW

Broadway Baby - Stuart Mckenzie (Reviewer): I'm Always the Bridesmaid

"Patronising and sexist to both genders without taking any responsibility for its atrocious scripting" FULL REVIEW