A One Line Review For Every Show I've Seen At The Fringe 2017

They are in no particular order, just as I could remember them. More to be added. 

Happily Never After

Tim Burton Improv Musical, great to see a close nit team of improvisers having fun. 

Into The Woods 

Stunning Performances, beautiful set and one of the more human tellings of the story I've seen.

Atlantic A Scottish Story 

If you don’t cry, you’re heartless. 

Atlantic America In the Great War

A peppy show that reminds us of some of the more brilliant things about the US. 

Who’s Line Is It Anyway

A reliable standard that I found thrilling, always guaranteed to make you laugh. 

Jan Ravens: Difficult Woman

Amazing outing for a debut fringe show, sharp wit and warm raptor 

Max and Ivan: The Reunion

Sketch comedy that’s precise, seamless and hilarious. 

Blind Mirth 

Not their strongest show in the last few years but still clever! 

Sarah Kendall One Seventeen

I’ve never seen a comedian command a room with stories like that, stellar. 

Catriona Knox: Adorable Deplorable

ENERGY and stage presence that made this show a hysterical charming 

Men With Coconuts 

Still happy to argue one of the best improv groups in the US and we have them here in Scotland 

Showstopper: The Improvised Musical 

The reason they won an Oliver award is quite evident, I was sore from laughing 

Late Night Gimp Fight

LADS LADS LADS, but who are actually alright and for all the brash bravado and can craft a gag/skit really bloody well 

Murder She Didn’t Write 

Intelligent format and sharp improvisers make this murder master a hoot


Clever concept that was executed very well, an interesting telling of the Blair Story 

100 Ways To Tie A Shoelace

Theatrical Charm and pithy humour, I rate this production company very highly

Fred Macaulay: In Conversation 

Fred and guest make for a nice and funny afternoon show

From Ibiza to the Norfolk Broads

Some references a bit over my head but well performed and a story that resonated with the room

Just A Minute 

It’s been going for 600 years for a reason 

Out Of The Blue

High notes and high camp, acappella that has you dancing in your seat. 

The Toxic Avenger

In your face funny, belting to the rafters with this toxically addictive show. 

Sh*tfaced Showtime, The Wizard Of Oz

A show you could see multiple times and still enjoy, it’s an absolute riot! 


I had heard so much about this show that I was really expecting more, still fun just not mesmerising. 

Ordinary Days

A charming and funny show, I loved it. 


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