My Fringe In Tweets

It's the longest and quickest month of the year so I've documented it in the only way a millennial knows how. On Twitter. 

Things started well, almost civilised infact.

It quickly descended into not knowing the day, date or what way up was.

If Banksy were Scottish. 

The one refuge I had was a quiet cup of tea, but I couldn't even get that right. 

It is  actually possible to not see a wall for the whole month of August in Edinburgh, because of posters. This however is next level. 

The winner of 'Joke Of The Fringe' - "I dont like the new pound coin, well I hate all change" 

This is normal here...

When a utility is more wise than you.

Accurate to how I felt at the time.

This is how it ends; not with a bang, but with a whimper. 

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