3 Blogs I Think You Should Bookmark

If I’m ever asked for travel or blogging tips, I always point people towards Travels Of Adam. A brilliant example of someone who followed their instincts and did what he wanted to do. I first found out about the blog before heading to Berlin for the first time. His advice and recommendations were lifesaving and made the trip a million times better than it otherwise would have been.  He’s done it all and can turn his writing hand to just about anything. Travel advice, city guides, reviews, even pictures of salad. He’s also a lark on Twitter. 

Gastro Gays

Arguably one of the most adorable blogs going, Gastro Gays are a (literal) couple of Irish home cooks who live in London. The majority of what they do is make the art of cooking delicious food seem simple. I salivate over this blog, but it also makes me feel like I could attempt to cook too. While the main focus is on food (no complaints there) they also feature restaurant reviews. Particular mention goes to their integrity on this front. This widely shared post from them talks about the reality of balancing the blog and life as well as answering any questions regarding favourable reviews for free meals. 

Truth Of The Matter 

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This blog is straight-up a raw creative outlet for Chris. He’s extremely honest and writes like no one is watching. I massively respect him as an individual and a writer, escaping (the lovely seaside city of) Dundee to travel to the other side of the planet is a perfect metaphor. Might I particularly recommend his post on why he’s glad he was bullied. In it, he’s open about his struggles with negative people, ill health and how he’s stronger at the other side of it all.